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Naruto Fanfiction Recs

If there's an "x" in the pairing, the fic contains implied or explicit sexual relations. If there's a "+" it means they are the main focus as friends. If you squint real hard and look at them sideways, sometimes they'll be shonen-ai.

Fics will open in a new window.


  • Smile On
  • Angst/Romance • Iru+Kaka • One-Shot
  • When he looks at you, he does not see you. Ficlet.


  • Side Effects (Incomplete)
  • Humor/Romance/MPreg • KakaxIru • Multi-Chapter
  • Kakashi and Iruka are sent on a year-long undercover mission, with help from Naruto's sexy-no-jutsu. But nobody had asked whether it could have side effects...


  • Run
  • Romance/Tragedy • KakaxIru • One-Shot
  • Everyone should have a goal. Kakashi's is to eventually work up the nerve to tell Iruka he loves him.
  • There's the Man I Chose
  • Romance • KakaxIru • One-Shot
  • Iruka's in love. And married. He just doesn't know it yet.
  • Reasons
  • Romance • KakaxIru • One-Shot
  • Scenes from Kakashi's life on how he fell in love. Prequel to There's the Man I Chose.


  • The Morning After the Night Before
  • Romance • IruxKaka • One-Shot
  • Chewing his half a waffle, Iruka decides that being 29 might not be so bad after all. Fluffy ficlet.


  • The Bath House
  • PWP • KakaxIru • One-Shot
  • Iruka goes to a certain establishment for a little anonymous excitement. NC-17


  • Getting a Rise
  • Humor • KakaxIru • One-Shot
  • One of Kakashi's favorite pastimes is getting a rise out of Iruka. NC-17
  • The Kakashi Mission
  • Romance/Angst • KakaxIru • Multi-Chapter
  • When the Hokage asks Iruka to keep an eye on Kakashi, he finds that befriending the ninja is more difficult than he expected. Or maybe it's too easy. He's still not sure. Eventual NC-17
  • Safely Home
  • PWP • KakaxIru • One-Shot
  • Kakashi is back from a mission, and Iruka's fallen asleep grading papers. Set in The Kakashi Mission world, but can stand alone. NC-17
  • The Sixth Dodge
  • Humor • KakaxIru • Multi-Chapter
  • When Kakashi takes an unusual interest in Iruka, Iruka figures he just needs to ignore the Jounin long enough and he'll go away. That's the way things work, right? ...Right?


  • Easy
  • Romance • Kaka+Iru • One-Shot
  • Introspective piece. Iruka and Kakashi watching each other.


  • Hunter's Moon
  • Action/Angst • KakaxIru • One-Shot
  • Iruka is being hunted down. But as a Shinobi, he'll fight to survive despite his injuries, and no matter who the hunter is.
  • Long Time Man (Incomplete)
  • Romance/Angst • Kaka+Iru • Multi-Chapter
  • Iruka didn't know much about Kakashi, until the night the latter broke into his apartment to chat for a few minutes. Kakashi, Iruka would learn, was someone it took a long time to get to know.
  • Spring Fever
  • Humor • Kaka+Iru • One-Shot
  • It's in the springtime that a young man's thoughts turn to the matter of love.
  • An Evening in Spring
  • Humor/Romance • Kaka+Iru • One-Shot
  • Sequel to Spring Fever. So why didn't Iruka just refuse Kakashi's rather odd proposal? Perhaps the spring season is to blame once more.
  • The Perfect Trap
  • Humor/Romance • Kaka+Iru • One-Shot
  • Kakashi's gotten himself into a bit of a bind...


  • Red Maple Leaves
  • Drama • KakaxIru • One-Shot
  • Sadness, caring, blood red leaves, and a prayer for refuge.


  • Breaking The Rule Arc (Ongoing)
  • Romance/Drama • Kaka+Iru • Multi-Part
  • Considering the love he has for Naruto, Iruka is obviously something special.
  • In His Dreams
  • Romance • Kaka+Iru • One-Shot
  • In his dreams, the other looked at him with something other than amused tolerance.
  • Training
  • PWP • KakaxIru • One-Shot
  • Iruka hurts himself while training and Kakashi kisses it better. NC-17

The Hoyden

  • As Plain As
  • Romance/Angst • KakaxIru • One-Shot
  • "Kakashi is like a stray cat, and Iruka knows damn well that he shouldn't feed Kakashi if he doesn't want Kakashi to keep coming around." NC-17
  • How to File Form 39-B
  • Romance • KakaxIru • One-Shot
  • In the end, the decision was always to trust or not to trust. Slight AU. NC-17
  • La Luna de Miel
  • Romance/Humor • KakaxIru • One-Shot
  • They were still in the honeymoon phase, so it was probably to be expected. NC-17
  • Spies Like Us
  • Romance • KakaxIru • One-Shot
  • All things were not possible, it was true, but suddenly, Iruka knew that this was. NC-17


  • Caring
  • Angst/Romance • Kaka+Iru • One-Shot
  • Kakashi couldn't understand how Iruka could be so brave. Ficlet.
  • Outclassed (Incomplete)
  • Humor/Romance • Kaka+Iru • Multi-Chapter
  • Hatake Kakashi is a jounin. Umino Iruka is only a chuunin. But this time, Kakashi's outclassed.


  • Saving
  • Romance/Humor • KakaxIru • One-Shot
  • Iruka believed in saving, Kakashi believed in disposal, and it was gradually becoming a problem between them.
  • Discarding
  • Romance/Humor • KakaxIru • One-Shot
  • Iruka liked to be prepared for any situation. Companion fic to Saving.


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