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Naruto Fanfiction Recs

If there's an "x" in the pairing, the fic contains implied or explicit sexual relations. If there's a "+" it means they are the main focus as friends. If you squint real hard and look at them sideways, sometimes they'll be shonen-ai.

Fics will open in a new window.


  • Two Thirds
  • Romance/Drama • Naru+Saku+Sasu • One-Shot
  • Naruto leaves to train with Jiraiya, and while he's gone Sakura and Sasuke come to discover that they are an incomplete two parts of a whole.

Asuka Kureru

  • Girls Have Needs Too
  • Humor/Romance • Naru+Sasu+Saku • One-Shot
  • Don't you guys ever wish for someone to make out with?
  • Teamwork: The Night
  • Romance • NaruxSasuxSaku • Prequel
  • Did you ever wonder what happened that night just before Teamwork proper starts? NC-17
  • Teamwork
  • Romance/Angst • NaruxSasuxSaku • Multi-Chapter
  • Why is Sakura waking up between her two teammates, anyway? And how will Team 7 cope with the repercussions? Threesome, not triangle. Mature language.
  • Teamwork II (Incomplete)
  • Romance/Angst • NaruxSasuxSaku • Multi-Chapter
  • Sequel to Teamwork. Training, house, baby, Kyuubi, Itachi, oh my. What, you thought life would be easy?
  • Teamwork: Foxplay
  • PWP • KyuubixSasu • Sidefic
  • Set in the Teamwork universe. Kyuubi is bored. Sasuke... entertains him. NC-17


  • Work in Progress
  • Drama/Romance • NaruxSasuxSaku • One-Shot
  • He wasn't quite finished yet, but they were working on that.


  • Flexible
  • Romance/Angst • KyuubixSasuxSaku • One-Shot
  • Kyuubi's having a day out on a leash, except that there's a certain amount of difficulty involved in finding a leash that will actually work on an immortal demon with no housetraining... Fan-fanfiction based upon Asuka Kureru's Teamwork universe.


  • And This is Love
  • Romance • SasuxSakuxNaru • One-Shot
  • Sakura is sure. Sasuke isn't. And Naruto is just Naruto. Ficlet.


  • A Better Mousetrap
  • Humor/Parody • SasuxSaku+Naru • One-Shot
  • The Quintessential Sasuke Returns Crackfic. Co-authored with Aishuu.


  • Control
  • Tragedy • NaruxSaku+Sasu • One-Shot
  • Sakura, Naruto, and the improper way to return a prodigal teammate to your side. Character death.
  • Ripple Effect
  • Drama/Tragedy • Naru+Sasu+Saku • Multi-Chapter
  • Sasuke's return to Konoha, and everything that comes after it. Naruto has changed from overuse of the fox demon's chakra. Minor SakuxLee.
  • Vurt Ninjas (Incomplete)
  • Fusion • NaruxSasu/NaruxSaku • Multi-Chapter
  • Fusion/AU fic. I'm not familiar with Jeff Noon's Vurt universe, so I'm not exactly sure how to describe this. It's an awfully good read, and it's very easy to pick up the lingo.


  • The Art of Transformation
  • Angst/Drama • SasuxNaru/SasuxSaku • Two-Part
  • "Hearing soft murmurs to someone that isn't me against this skin that isn't mine, I come to a decision. I don't think I can do this anymore." Yaoi/het NC-17


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